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Algiz Runic Essence on this New Moon

Runic Essence

I enjoy making Runic Essences on New Moons and Full Moons (which will find their way to my upcoming website)
They do help attune energetically with a specific Rune (especially if, like me, you follow the Runic calendar) and its various applications both for healing and spiritual purposes. They can also be blended together if needed.

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Entering the Runic Month of Algiz

algiz crystal antler

Today we are entering the Runic Month of Algiz.
Perthro allowed chances and opportunities for exploration & possibilities under the law of Free Will (and the good will of the Norns). Now Algiz calls for wise choices to be made under the guidance & tutelage of Higher Consciousness, clearing the path with a healthy amount of Asgardian protection.
So that one can find his/her way forward and stay the course.

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Entering the Runic Month of Perthro

runic month perthro

On Sunday, we entered the Runic month of Perthro. Once again the Runic Calendar follows an evolutionary path: the lessons learned from the 3 rough Runes (Hagalaz, Nauthiz & Isa) through apparent stasis led us to tap into hidden resources and then ponder on our own achievements/personal harvest as the calendrical year ended (Jera).

This little death led to our rebirth (Eihwaz) and the stirring of fresh, new energy (and battle plans) for this yet-to-unfold new year. After sowing the thought-seeds of our intentions, it is now time to take matters in our own hands and stir the Wheel of Fate in the right direction.

Nothing is written yet and you are the co-creator of your own Destiny. The Norns will always smile upon the brave ones, those who have chosen to live their dream & fulfill their life purpose, as well as the “fools” (seekers of mysteries) who can read signs, get insight & ride on the synchronicities of their (chosen) path.

Enjoy this time of Magic & Mystery, there is so much more going on that the eye can see or the mind can fathom in the wide web of Wyrd…

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Eihwaz Medicine: Preparing for Rebirth

eiwhaz rebirth

If you live somewhere in the South, like me, you have probably already witnessed the very first signs of Spring: a visual reminder that the Wheel is turning & the energy shifting as the sap of plants rises upward from their roots.

Nature is slowly waking up from its Winter slumber and the same thing is happening to us. But how does one shift from the inner state of dormancy to the outer state of activity? Preparation and incremental energetic adjustments are required.

  1. Adjust your Diet: Start adding Spring greens to the menu (side salads, green smoothies, microgreens, green soups & nourishing herbal infusions). They will help you with your transition from a heavy, carb-loaded & protein rich Winter diet to lighter fare.
  2. Get more Sun Exposure: Especially if you are prone to SAD & Depression. The Morning Sun has an uplifting & rejuvenating effect on mind and mood.
  3. Start Wandering Outdoor: Get some fresh air to oxygen your lungs & get your circulation flowing. You want to adjust your activity level incrementally, especially if you haven’t worked out all Winter.
  4. Detox! Since I have a mind-body-spirit approach, all aspects of the self must be dealt with. A new year means a new you and you want a fresh start without anything holding you back. I have already mentioned Dandelion in a previous post, this plant works like magic on all levels. Not to mention that detoxifying your liver/body will increase your energy level.
  5. Start planting seeds in the dirt and in your mind as well (remember those New Year’s resolutions). Ideas, much like plants need to be cared for in order to grow & thrive.
  6. Wear green clothes!

“The old year has died but within decay, there are signs of new life growing…There is a sense of rebirth in the air of new beginnings waiting for their right time to come. With this Earth-awakening come new opportunities to make simple yet life-changing shifts in our lifestyles and thinking patterns…The time for dreaming is over. The time for action begins…”

Glennie Kindred / Letting In the Wild Edges

And as a reminder of the energy of Eihwaz:

“Iwaz, pilar-rune, shows the path, the direction, the objective, much like Tiwaz…On a psychological level, Iwaz evokes centering & concentration, structure, balance, and inner sturdiness. It also symbolizes inner strength, will, tenacity, and following one’s goals, whatever the obstacles may be…” 

Julie Conton / Les Runes – Ecriture Sacrée en Terre du Milieu (translated from the French)

More attuned to the Spring energy is Beith, the first Ogham of the Celtic tree calendar. Beith, the birch, indicates:

“…A phase of beginning, initiative & creation. It may have something to do with a project, a relationship, an activity, an interest or a hobby. Beith suggests that one must consciously & mindfully accompany this new energy that only wishes to express itself…”

Julie Conton / L’Ogham Celtique ou le Symbolisme des Arbres (translated from the French)

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The Winter Solstice & the Rune Jera

Winter_Solstice - JERA2

The Runic month of Jera is a time in between time. The glyph itself gives a clue: 2 Kennaz Runes – one pointing toward the past and the other toward the future.
Both are engaged in a silent dance forward. Kennaz is the light that illuminates the path ahead (how appropriate with the Winter Solstice and the rebirth of the sun) as well as the path behind, the road already traveled.
During this transition between the old calendrical year and the new, take a moment of conscious awareness to fully reflect on your past and dream or whisper your future into being.
Blessings to all!

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Entering the Runic Month of ISA

The Month of Isa

The wheel is turning once more and we just entered the runic month of Isa, which is the 3rd of the rough/challenging Runes (2 weeks to go).

This is natural evolution as we have integrated the lessons & challenges from the 2 previous Runes: Hagalaz & Nauthiz.

Deep inner work of transformation and taping into unknown/hidden resources are at work as the ice slowly releases other treasures buried in the unconscious.

More will be revealed soon as we dig into the ice that will lead us to the mastery of Isa in Midgard and the other realms that constitute the Nine Worlds.

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On Runic Yoga/Qigong

Adding Stadhagaldr aka Runic Yoga (static poses) or Runic Qigong (movement) to your daily spiritual practice and/or workout can help strengthen your connection to the Runes (I especially like it for pathworking and energy work – I do use the Runic mudras/hand gestures as well).

Basic Stadhagaldr postures can be found all over the Internet, books and even YouTube (Elder Futhark and Futhorc). But you can also develop your own as long as the energy feels right.

If like me, you follow the Runic calendar (the current month is Hagalaz – each Runic month lasts about 2 weeks) it can help deepen your connection and work with a specific Rune & gain new insight. You can also choose to do the whole sequence of 24 Runes. Whatever works best for you is the right way…

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The Gifts of Hagalaz

Hagalaz / Hagal (the current Runic Month) brings awareness, challenges, changes, and transformation. It is the Rune of the Underworld Goddess Hel and an open invitation to face your shadows & fears in order to evolve, strengthen and reinvent your self…

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Entering the Runic Month of Ansuz

Runic Month Ansuzjpg

Today we enter the Runic month of Ansuz.
As such our inspiration and spirit can be renewed if we are willing to turn inward and tune in to higher consciousness under the guise of Odin, the Allfather.
Since Mercury is still retrograde be mindful of what comes out of your mouth or deal with the consequences.

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Rune of the Week (July 23rd – July 29th Forecast)

Please keep in mind that the following is a general trend that may or may not apply to you personally

The Rune of the Week - Laguz

This week’s Rune is LAGUZ, whose divinatory meanings are all about intuition, dreams, fantasies, illusions & delusions, spirituality & emotions. LAGUZ is a water Runes, which complements the rather earthy URUZ.

This time we are going even deeper into the (self) healing process as LAGUZ is asking us to go to the places of discomfort and hurt, dealing with our repressed/suppressed emotions, sexual issues, and unfulfilled dreams.


Be aware that unaddressed issues, even if kept buried deeply in a hidden corner or your mind & soul are still there nonetheless, weighing down on you. And they will re-emerge at the most inopportune of times when something will trigger them (it can be a word, a memory, a situation, even a person).

So why keep carrying unnecessary burdens that hinder our growth, wellbeing & happiness? Why keep invoking (even unknowingly) the dark fairy of ‘bad juju’ when all we want is to be able to find inner peace and move on with our lives?

The solution is simple: face your fears/inner demons and roll the dice! Change is at hand if you really want it. The wheel is always turning and new doorways, paths, people and/or opportunities will appear as long as you are willing to do the (healing) work.

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