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Tea Calendar Project

Evening tea

As I have probably mentioned here before, I used to create & sell my own tea blends. Tea has always been a passion of mine, and my favorite form of medicine. My teas were all hand blended with 100% organic ingredients. No flavors, aromas or fillers of any kind.

Then came other sellers who were less scrutinizing than me, offering things like “tropical island” or “strawberry shortcake” flavored tea, and using herbs without any knowledge of them. While I always put a word of caution for pregnant women, or people taking medications. So after I while…I gave up.

My regular customers were disappointed, of course, but I promised myself that one day, and one way or another, I would publish my recipes in a beautifully illustrated book. I wanted something as pretty as useful. I’m not there yet, but I can already start with a calendar.

So…I’m thinking about creating a wall calendar for 2018 that will include illustrated tea recipes of mine (former customers will most likely recognize some of their favorites). I plan to have it professionally printed. Each recipe will also be offered/sold individually as a ready-to-download pdf for people who are only interested in a few recipes (vs 12 – one for each month).

Could I please ask you the favor (as well as to anybody potentially interested) to take a couple minutes and let me know about your interest (or not) in my project? I would greatly appreciate it, and I thank you in advance.

Here’s the link:

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A Textile Sacrilege

Ten years ago or so, I bought a beautiful vintage Indian skirt at a thrift shop in Hermosa Beach (Granny Takes a Trip…I think they closed recently). This was a long black skirt lavishly covered with colorful embroideries, sequins, and mirrors. It looked handmade, I didn’t pay much for it and was really delighted by my find.

However, because of the many embroideries, it was too heavy to be worn. And it remained hung somewhere in my dark closet…Until 2 days ago.

I decided that, since I wasn’t going to wear it (which is really a shame), I could at least do something with the many embroideries on the black fabric. I always have tons of ideas and projects going on, and I could do something exquisite with all that.

So I did something that some would consider sacrilegious: I cut my squirt open, like a modest yardage of fabric! But out of this textile sacrifice, new things can happen and beautiful objects will be born…It’ll be worth it!

Indian Skirt2

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MAKE: Altered ‘Baroque’ Pendulum

When you don’t have time for a full reading, using the pendulum is a nice and quick alternative. But, of course, the answer to your question will be limited to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without further explanations.

I have a few pendulums, My favorite one (and go-to pendulum) is a heavy golden pendulum that used to belong to my grandmother, but I don’t think she ever used it (at least not to my knowledge) and I’ve never seen another one like it.

I’ve been wanting to make my own pendulums for some time now. I just didn’t know what to use to start with. And I wanted something unique. So this morning I made this little pendulum above, which is an altered pendulum because I didn’t really make it from scratch. The wrapped pyrite stone came from a former pendulum that broke several years ago but I had kept all the pieces. The beaded part, on the other hand, came from a vintage earring inherited from my grandmother jewelry box. I just decided to combine the 2 together and…Voila! And the best part is that it actually works! 😉