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“Saining is the Scottish Folk magic act of purification. It’s similar to the idea of smudging but very different.”

To read the whole article, head over to the Cailleach’s Herbarium

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ALU Runic Egg Cleansing (Part 2)

ALU Runic Egg Cleansing

Funny what you can get when you request some extra protection. I drew the Runic protection charm ALU ULA on the shell this time.
The egg felt much heavier today. And my health has improved drastically.
I can tell that a lot of clearing has been done due to the large amount of upward strings all connected to tiny bubbles. And still larger bubbles on the rim.
No traces of blood either, meaning that the negative energy/influence has been neutralized.

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Runic Egg Cleansing, Healing & Balance (Part 1)

Runic Egg Cleansing

As I know that my cold was a direct result from being set off balance, I decided to do a shamanic egg cleansing, which I always find to be effective and accurate.
I drew my healing bindrune on the shell and placed the egg under my bed overnight. I do feel better this morning.

But the fun part, to me, is the actual reading of the egg. It’s spot on, as usual.

The strings going upward indicate that quite a bit of negative energy has been removed and the large bubbles on the rim are a sign of strong spiritual protection (for which I have always been grateful). As is the cloud surrounding the yolk (which represents the self). 

Now there is a small balloon next to the yolk (a recurring feature with me) on top of which there is a tiny blood spot indicating feeling a tidbit trapped and under the influence of a negative/evil person. The slight webbing in the vicinity is a sign of jealousy. 

The result of this egg reading doesn’t surprise me at all… I’ll do another cleansing or 2 for good measure and maybe draw ALU (Ansuz-Laguz-Uruz) on the egg this time.

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Healing Bindrune for Colds

Healing Bindrune for Colds

I usually have a rather strong immune system but the recent trip from CA to WA has thrown me off balance. Now I’m having to fight off a chest cold.
I have all the herbs that I need to keep things under control.

But one of the tools in my arsenal is using runes for healing.
So I designed a bindrune that I drew on my chest in order to speed up the healing process (in conjunction with matching Galdr). 

This bindrune is a combination of Teiwaz/Tyr, Uruz and Ansuz:
Teiwaz to strengthen the immune system and target the origin of the problem.

Uruz to speed up the healing process and regain some strength.

Ansuz is more specific to the throat, lungs & the upper respiratory tract. 

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Sage as Algiz (and Ansuz) Medicine


As a High Vibration plant, Sage – herb of wisdom – is associated with Algiz (protection & clearing).
From a medicinal perspective, Sage works on the throat (throat chakra included) and thus is Ansuz medicine as well.
The Seeker who is engaged with the Spirit of Sage can therefore not speak garbage or lies without offending the plant spirit. Every choice has its consequences.

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Nettle as Uruz Medicine

nettle uruz medicine2

One needs more than a strong Inner Fire and a clear vision to manifest one’s dreams into reality. Strength and  stamina are required.
Nettle is Uruz Medicine.
Supercharged with fresh Spring energy, nettle builds, cleanses, strengthens and nourishes the blood.
And a healthy body is the foundation of everything…

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Hawthorn, Nemetona & the Inner Sanctum

hawthorn runes

Hawthorn, a plant often associated with the Sidhe, also happens to be sacred to the goddess Nemetona (whom I encountered during the Wolf Moon).
Hawthorn, herb of the heart, is one of my first & oldest allies.
Nemetona’s strong presence was a reminder that the notion of sacred space is first & foremost within: the Inner Sanctum.
This space is in the heart, and its boundaries need to be clearly defined and protected.
Few should be allowed access to your inner sanctum (which is a great privilege). And it shall remain forever closed to those who don’t respect you or your boundaries.

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Eihwaz Medicine: Preparing for Rebirth

eiwhaz rebirth

If you live somewhere in the South, like me, you have probably already witnessed the very first signs of Spring: a visual reminder that the Wheel is turning & the energy shifting as the sap of plants rises upward from their roots.

Nature is slowly waking up from its Winter slumber and the same thing is happening to us. But how does one shift from the inner state of dormancy to the outer state of activity? Preparation and incremental energetic adjustments are required.

  1. Adjust your Diet: Start adding Spring greens to the menu (side salads, green smoothies, microgreens, green soups & nourishing herbal infusions). They will help you with your transition from a heavy, carb-loaded & protein rich Winter diet to lighter fare.
  2. Get more Sun Exposure: Especially if you are prone to SAD & Depression. The Morning Sun has an uplifting & rejuvenating effect on mind and mood.
  3. Start Wandering Outdoor: Get some fresh air to oxygen your lungs & get your circulation flowing. You want to adjust your activity level incrementally, especially if you haven’t worked out all Winter.
  4. Detox! Since I have a mind-body-spirit approach, all aspects of the self must be dealt with. A new year means a new you and you want a fresh start without anything holding you back. I have already mentioned Dandelion in a previous post, this plant works like magic on all levels. Not to mention that detoxifying your liver/body will increase your energy level.
  5. Start planting seeds in the dirt and in your mind as well (remember those New Year’s resolutions). Ideas, much like plants need to be cared for in order to grow & thrive.
  6. Wear green clothes!

“The old year has died but within decay, there are signs of new life growing…There is a sense of rebirth in the air of new beginnings waiting for their right time to come. With this Earth-awakening come new opportunities to make simple yet life-changing shifts in our lifestyles and thinking patterns…The time for dreaming is over. The time for action begins…”

Glennie Kindred / Letting In the Wild Edges

And as a reminder of the energy of Eihwaz:

“Iwaz, pilar-rune, shows the path, the direction, the objective, much like Tiwaz…On a psychological level, Iwaz evokes centering & concentration, structure, balance, and inner sturdiness. It also symbolizes inner strength, will, tenacity, and following one’s goals, whatever the obstacles may be…” 

Julie Conton / Les Runes – Ecriture Sacrée en Terre du Milieu (translated from the French)

More attuned to the Spring energy is Beith, the first Ogham of the Celtic tree calendar. Beith, the birch, indicates:

“…A phase of beginning, initiative & creation. It may have something to do with a project, a relationship, an activity, an interest or a hobby. Beith suggests that one must consciously & mindfully accompany this new energy that only wishes to express itself…”

Julie Conton / L’Ogham Celtique ou le Symbolisme des Arbres (translated from the French)

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Eihwaz Medicine (Runic Healing) – PART 2 with a Guided Meditation

dandelion eihwaz2

This post is the natural continuation of the previous post, in which I was introducing Dandelion as a plant of Eihwaz (you can read it HERE).

This 2nd part consists of a guided meditation/shamanic journey. I do recommend that you do it in a comfortable position, a relaxed state of mind & in a quiet place. You will need a notepad and a pen because there will be times in the meditation during which you will need to obtain some information that will be relevant to you. It’s also helpful to take notes of any additional sensations or details you might recall (memories do fade over time).

Last but not least, you will have to prepare a cup of (roasted) dandelion root tea (also known as dandelion coffee) to help ground yourself, connect energetically and simulate the brew that you will be drinking in the meditation (you can drink as you do it). It is not an absolute necessity but it is highly recommended.

Note to those who don’t know me: I’m a French woman, therefore, you will hear my accent. It has never prevented me to teach meditation in person. If you have trouble understanding what I am saying, feel free to play the part(s) you don’t understand again.


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Dandelion as Eihwaz Medicine (Runic Healing) – PART 1

dandelion eihwaz

How fitting is it to talk about Dandelion right at the beginning of the New Year and the New Moon in Capricorn/Eihwaz. Dandelion’s reputation as a Spring detox herb is well known. The plant is edible, highly nutritious & medicinal. Almost all parts can be used.

Let’s analyze it from a mind-body-spirit perspective:

  • THE ROOTS (which are usually harvested during the Fall) are connected to the Underworld. Roots are perfect for going to the root cause of things whether these are chronic health issues or destructive psycho-emotional issues (which tend to repeat themselves). The Underworldly root connects us with the womb of the Dark Mother where deep healing & transformation can occur if we allow things to unfold, no matter how unpleasant. The bitter taste of this shamanic medicine (and plant) is perfect for the undoing of patterns, the removal of toxins within & without. Because what affects the organs affects the emotions, which then show on the skin, which then find its way to the psyche (the order doesn’t matter)…etc. It becomes a vicious cycle which weakens your physical energy and depletes your life force & your spirit (which also has other consequences). The Dark Goddess’ Medicine is the most potent there is. Trust her in taking the lead in your healing process, she will show you the way back toward wholeness and you will reemerge renewed.


  • THE LEAVES (usually collected in the Spring, as they are some of the first Spring greens to pop on the ground) are edible, nutritious & blood purifying. They detoxify the liver and attune with the energy of the season. The name Dandelion (Dent de Lion in French,  Löwenzahn in German) means lion’s tooth, referring the to the dented shape of the leaves and is also an indication of the high mineral content of the plant, being beneficial to teeth & bones (Doctrine of Signatures).


  • THE STEM, the backbone of the plant, elevates the energy from the ground to the sky.


  • THE FLOWER is solar in essence, and full of leonine energy. Yellow being the color of the bile, we are being reminded of the plant’s affinity with the liver. But this bright little Sun is governed by the sign of Leo, which is connected to the heart (in TCM, and in my own experience, a toxic liver will affect the heart). This heart-gladdening flower is the result of the transmutation of the toxins (physical, psycho-emotional, spiritual), the lead, into gold. The inner work with the Dark Goddess is over, we can now return to the outer world & we are greeted by the Sun.


  • Then come THE SEEDS, which hold within them so much potential. They are thought forms, wishes, hopes & dreams, and connect us with the Higher Realms. The Great Work is over: we have connected the above with the below, elevated ourselves & we have refined our body & our spirit. We are now born anew. This is the Alchemy of Eihwaz.