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Fermented Blackberry Leaf Tea

Something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.
We have tons of (invasive) Himalayan blackberries around here (producing the biggest, juiciest & sweetest wild blackberries you’ll ever taste) and now that Spring is officially here, I’m gonna be for the lookout for new leaves & shoots.
I like the idea that the leaves are left to ferment in a jar rather than a wet towel…

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Starting My Microgarden

Even though we are less active during Fall & Winter, the cooler/colder temperatures and the exposure to the elements often requires spending more energy doing things. Out body requires more nutrients to keep warm and functioning well (as in not getting sick).

That’s the reason why I like having a mini “vitamin” garden indoors during that time: I grow various sprouts, shoots & microgreens for nutrition & taste…And also because I find it fun and relaxing :).

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FLORA: Wild Spring Bouquet # 1

This is a simple bouquet made of flowers and plants found in my garden. Some were planted by me, some were surprise guests brought over by the wind.

I once read in one of my French books that there is no such thing as “Floral Art”, which basically means that there is no right way or wrong way of doing floral/botanical arrangements. It’s just a matter of good taste, of training the eye and adding a touch of poetry…Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a tastefully arranged bouquet will stir all sorts of emotions.

To me, it’s a form of meditation and a way to reconnect once more with the land, the seasons and the devas. And plants do heal even if sometimes just in subtle ways.

This wild bouquet is made of poppies, orange scented geranium flowers, California sagebrush and some mystery wild grass (I first thought it was quaking oats, but I was mistaken).

WB 1.2

WB 1.3

WB 1.4

WB 1.5

WB 1.6

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Indoor Gardening : Pea Shoots (Microgreens)

You may have encountered these guys at the farmers market or at the salad greens section of your health food store: pea shoots!


They are microgreens, young shoots just a few days old. They look & sound fancy…But they’re so easy to grow! So why not grow your own? You’ll be sure it’s a 100 % fresh and organic. Beware though, they grow super fast! You can get some seeds at Botanical Interests, as well as other places.


They taste like the Spring on your plate and…like peas!


Pea shoots are highly nutritious. They are rich in vitamin C & vitamin A, and also contain a significant amount of folic acid. For more details, go HERE (they also have some recipes).