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Trois Histoires Pour Halloween (French Podcasts)

Traditional Halloween/Samhain was very different to what we know today. There were no candies but soul cakes, turnips were carved instead of pumpkins, and people used to wear scary costumes in order to fool the spirits of the dead wandering on the land.

And stories were told around the fire…Here I chose, read & recorded three French stories from Jean Markale‘s book “Contes de la Mort des Pays de France“. Enjoy…

La Mort dans une Bouteille (Bourgogne)

La Messe des Fantômes (Gascogne)

Le Charretier du Diable (Perche)



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GROW:~Dans Mon Jardin Sauvage / In My Wild Garden (bilingual post)~


De gauche à droite et dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre: feuilles de fenouil sauvage, chou kale, branches de marjolaine, épinard de Nouvelle-Zelande (également appelé tétragone cornue), et feuilles de roquette.

From left to right, and clockwise: wild fennel leaves, kale greens, sweet marjoram stems, New Zealand spinach, and arugula.