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Red Blackberry Leaves

Red Blackberry LeavesThe best blackberry leaf tea is made of those red, burgundy & maroon leaves that usually appear later in the Fall after the blackberries have dried out.
Just look for healthy looking leaves, already mostly dried out.
The tea itself has a nice amber color and a sweeter taste than regular blackberry leaf tea. And if you pay attention to the Doctrine of Signatures, the red color is a good indicator that the leaves nourish the blood and support healthy blood circulation
Blackberry is a plant of the Dark Goddess, especially in this decaying phase.

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GROW:~Dans Mon Jardin Sauvage / In My Wild Garden (bilingual post)~


De gauche à droite et dans le sens des aiguilles d’une montre: feuilles de fenouil sauvage, chou kale, branches de marjolaine, épinard de Nouvelle-Zelande (également appelé tétragone cornue), et feuilles de roquette.

From left to right, and clockwise: wild fennel leaves, kale greens, sweet marjoram stems, New Zealand spinach, and arugula.