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Ehwaz Medicine for this Full Moon (April 2020)

In order to welcome another, one can’t be at war within the self.
Life is full of challenges and, as unpleasant as they are, they often are necessary for #change, growth and, in time, deep #healing.
Because the lessons that are learned through flesh, heart and mind are life time lessons that, once fully digested and understood for the wise teachings that they are, can lead to happiness as long as one is able to see the bigger picture, the unfolding pattern.
Clues are being given at all times, it’s up to the self to acknowledge them & understand them.
#guidance comes from being in tune with the #higherself. The other can sometimes show what the self can’t see or doesn’t want to know.
To welcome the other is to accept a different vision, a different point of view. The gift of newness is a fresh breeze and, ultimately, the #medicine of the other is companionship in mind, body & spirit.

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