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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 5 – Hagalaz in Helheim

The Runic #pathwork continues (we’re already halfway through it)…

Day 5: #hagalaz in #helheim
Helheim is the Realm of the Dead & the #ancestors. As such it’s the gateway to Greater #consciousness and to the #mysteries of Life & Death.
Helheim is ruled by the #ancient, wise & peaceful #dark goddess #hela. Hagalaz is her Rune, the matrix of all #runes. So Hagalaz is at home in Helheim.
Hagalaz can be a challenging Rune, announcing uncontrollable #change and transformation.
Change is the only constant in life and is a bringer of growth (nothing is stagnant in the #multiverse).
Don’t fear change, embrace it! And the experience will be a rich and rewarding one… 

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