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Algiz Pathwork for Spiritual Protection: Day 1 – Eiwhaz in Asgard

In order to help counter the psychosis and psychic attack on our crown chakra (AKA Corona), I propose that we do some individual and/or collective #pathwork to help manifest the #energy of #algiz in Midgard. It’s a nine-day practice of #inner work that anybody who can meditate, journey, dream and/or visualize can do.

As I’ve mentioned before, #asgard is the Realm of #higher consciousness and all the values naturally attached to it.
In order to master #eihwaz there, we need to (re)connect our lower self with our higher self in order to create #spiritual healing that leads to the return of inner balance.
Fear is poison for the mind that usually leads to poor judgment and poor decisions. From that, things can easily spiral downward as this low vibration will weaken you in many ways (including your immune system).
If you can tap into and hold on to what you hold true, dear and #sacred (no matter your faith), then there is no need or place for fear and confusion.
Make the energetic shift from SCARED to SACRED and change your #vibration. Find inner peace and reclaim your Sovereignty.

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