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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Midgard

We conclude our journey
Throughout the #nine worlds
With #midgard, the middle world,
The place/realm we call our own.
Whether we are enjoying our earthly life or not, we are all here because we chose to.
And those who seek #enlightenment at all cost are missing the whole point of being incarnated in the first place.
Midgard is a learning ground, a place of growth, an opportunity to refine the soul and burn karma.
Granted some lessons can be excruciatingly painful (been there), but they are a necessity. For what doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger.
And if you wish to give your current incarnation a deeper meaning and a stronger purpose, learn the lessons from the 8 other worlds as well, draw your own conclusions and apply them to your daily life.
This is what Runic (Self) Mastery is about.

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