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On Spirituality as a Battlefield…

“Silently tuning in to the rhythm of the #seasons…Is the felt connection to the natural world as it continually changes; a way of learning to move with it, and celebrate it as the dance of transience in the moving mandala called #nature.
In the #celtic tradition, #spirituality can be portrayed as a battlefield where danger is inevitable: the poison of arrogance, the trap of doubt, the ambush of hope and the arrow of uncertainty.
Yet the enemy, in this case, is the ego and its projections. The greatest ‘weapon’ against it, is radical openness.
Seeing the world from somewhere beyond it, beyond transience, we can sally forth into the battlefield as enlightened warriors, raised above the fray.
Or we can continue to remain unconvinced, projecting our own #shadow onto everything, and keep each other in chains.”

Aindriu Peers / Shamanic Druidry (the Order of the Longing Look)

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