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An Update on the ‘Book of Ansuz’

#evolution is part of everybody’s #spiritual path and #spiritual work.
And while #selfmastery is important to me, it’s only the tip of the iceberg or the root of the tree…
I do what I do out of purpose and passion, whether it’s traditional or not is completely irrelevant because I’m creating my own tradition.
So the ‘Runic Self Mastery’ part of the ‘Book of #ansuz‘ is written & done.
I’m now moving on to the writing of the Intermediate Level, which will allow to do some actual #healing work in #midgard, connecting the Above with the Below: #asgard with #helheim.
But just like a tree can’t grow or thrive without a strong root system, you can’t move on to the intermediate stuff while having skipped the foundations…
I’ll talk more about this soon.

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