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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Jotunheim

We are now standing at the 6th Gate
Of our #nine worlds‘ exploration,
In #jotunheim,
Realm of the Ancient & Wise Giants,
Dating back to a time before time.
It’s a realm of cosmic energy
And #quantum consciousness,
Where the consequences of
Our planned & unplanned actions
And non-actions meet
Infinite outcomes & #possibilities.
The #future has many faces
Especially once you weave in
The #ancient #string theory
Of yesteryears’ Nine Worlds
(Which are now 10-12 according to Science).
It’s all about #choices
And what your attention & #intention
Allow to grow.
The rest will slip
Between the interdimensional cracks
Of the Space-Time Continuum…

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