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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Myrkheim

Today I’d like to talk about #myrkheim,
Also known as #nidavellir,
Home of the #dwarves.
They are to me very different
From the Dark Elves (of which I spoke last week), this is why I wanted to make a distinction.
It’s not a matter of appearance,
Because as French medievalist Claude Lecouteux pointed out
The #wights appear in the guise
Of their own choosing
To those they appear to.
And the Dwarves, while having
A strong #telluric & #chthonic energy
Are very different from the Dark Elves.
They are master craftsmen:
They mine raw materials from the Earth
And create splendid weapons
And pieces of jewelry for Gods & Heroes.
But they do share with the Svarts
The #knowledge of Magic & Enchantments.
To me, the Dwarves represent
The embodiment of #self mastery:
Starting with conceptual thoughts
And through #focus, discipline and work,
They manage to create something refined
Out of nothing.
And I admire them for that.

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