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Runic Self Mastery: the Gifts & Lessons from Svartalfheim

After last week’s trip to #helheim,
We are now heading to #svartalfheim,
The Realm of the Dark #elves
(And I purposely will make
A distinction with the #dwarves
Of which I’ll speak next week).
Their attributes are both similar
And opposite to those of
The Light Elves from #ljosalfheim
(See post on the topic).
They are the ones of
The #unseelie Court among
The #celtic #sidhe.
They dwell on the dark side
Of the psychic & emotional
Spectrum of the Self.
They represent the #shadow self,
The inner critic/trickster,
The negative and even destructive side
Of one’s personality & individuality.
They can cloud one’s mind
And judgment, leading them
To making poor choices & decisions.
They are the masters of illusion,
Trickery, deception & dark enchantments.
But as challenging as they may be,
They can also be powerful teachers.

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