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This Week's Reading with Gebo (Runic Month of Eihwaz)

This week’s Woden’s day #reading
Brought forth the Rune #gebo,
Pointing out the necessity
To consider areas & patterns
Of #imbalance in your life.
Whatever the problem is,
Imbalances are energetic issues
Between what is received
And what is given, shared or owed.
Choices must be made
In order to restore the #balance.
There isn’t much required
To move from #gebo to #nauthiz
And vice versa (I touch upon it a bit in the newsletter). When in doubt of what
The proper course of action should be,
Retire in silence
And stand at the #crossroads,
At the point where the 2 #isa Runes meet
With your 2 feet firmly on the ground,
Supported by the #darkmother,
And your arms reaching out
To the sky,
Waiting for #inspiration from
The #allfather.

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