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The First Weekly Reading of 2020

For this 1st reading of 2020,
The Rune #mannaz came forth.
A new year means new possibilities:
#visions that can come to fruition.
You are allowed to #dream big
As possibilities abound.
But do not linger
In the #ether for too long
With the bubbles of champagne!
Dreams only become real
Through work, will, and dedication,
Otherwise, they will only be dreams.
Make sure that
These visions of yours
Align with your soul’s calling.
You should feel it in your gut,
That’s how you know
You’re on the right #path.
Who or what you are
Is for you to figure out but
What you choose to give birth to
Is your gift & legacy to Humanity.

Artwork : The Plains of Heaven by John Martin

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