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This Week’s Rune Reading: Ehwaz becomes Mannaz

This week’s Rune #reading
Is about #mannaz,
Which takes the #energy
And lessons of #ehwaz (last week)
A bit further with the presence
Of #dagaz within the Rune itself.
The silent & inner partnership
Between you and your selves
Becomes more defined and personal.
There’s clarity and renewed #hope
On the horizon as you choose
To embody words, thoughts and dreams
Into concrete, physical action.
All this #creative & #visionary work,
The #alignment of
Your higher and lower self
Is who you are at your core.
Forget duality, think unity.
By being 100% yourself
And sharing your natural gifts
(#gebo, also found within Mannaz)
With the world,
You take your rightful place
In the big puzzle that is #humanity.
#yule blessings to you & yours.

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