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Meditation Podcasts: Your Opinion Matters

There’s no right way or wrong way
Of doing #meditation.
It’s about figuring out
What works for you.
I’ve taught live #runic meditations
Back in California,
So I had an audience
That would hear me talk
While they were meditating/journeying
And doing what they were supposed to do.
I’ve been made aware
That some people actually need
That #audio support.
So I’m gonna ask
The #newsletter subscribers specifically (past, present, and future)
If they want and/or need me
To record short audio #podcasts
That match the newsletters’ journeys
And will be sent with them… Plus you’ll get to hear
My lovely voice & #french accent. Depending on your feedback,
I will retroactively create some podcasts
For the first 2 newsletters
And send them to
Those who will request them.


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