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This Week’s Rune Reading: The Gifts of Hagalaz

Image from the Nocturne Oracle

#hagalaz showed up
In today’s #woden’s day #reading.
While some will tremble with fear,
Others will rejoice
Because they know
The power that lies
In #challenges and obstacles.
They know that
The #death of the old
Will bring the birth of the new.
And the #dark goddess
Always has her ways.
And negotiation
Will lead you nowhere,
There’s no escape.
Embrace the change,
Embrace the #unknown.
You are in the care
And under the guidance of #hela.
She will only destroy you
In order to bring
The best out of you.
Don’t think that
She’s a heartless mother though.
She showed #mercy to #odin
On the great tree.
If she didn’t take him down,
He would have died there
And that would have been
The end of the story (And no Runes for us). As you are navigating
Your way through
The rough seas of #hagal,
Go with the flow,
Not against it.
Hagalaz is the Mother Rune
And while it’s spinning
In the #void,
Know that something good
Will come out of it.

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