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Woden’s Day Reading: Hagalaz’ Questioning of Reality

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Is about #hagalaz
As an invitation
To see right through
The #illusion of the matrix
In order to view the world
With the #enlightened eyes of truth.
Those who settle
For beauty and comfort,
Never questioning anything
Are complacent and asleep.
Hagalaz is the Rune of #goddess Hel
And is the Mother Rune,
The untainted matrix of all Runes.
Its #energy can be unsettling
And shake you to the ground.
It’s a little death for an #awakening.
The #dark goddess doesn’t lie,
She will show you the raw truth
And the unpleasant nature
Of this “Reality”
In order to set
Your Mind and your #spirit free.

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