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New Moon in Nauthiz

#new moon
 in #nauthiz,
The 2nd of the 3 challenging Runes
And a natural continuation
Of what was started with #hagalaz.
The #purification process continues
At the very core of your being,
And supported by
A fiery Sagittarius influence
Aiming at you
With the arrows of #tyr/#teiwaz.
What no longer serves you
Will be frozen
In the ice of forgetfulness.
If you consciously choose to #embrace
This rather unsettling #experience
Instead of seeing yourself
As a victim of circumstances,
You will be both
Victorious and wealthy.
As it is often
Through #challenges and #necessity
That we discover within ourselves
Unknown abilities
And hidden gifts
Which ultimately will be
The game changers
As we slowly prepare internally
To be reborn
As new individuals with #isa.

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