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This Week’s Woden’s Day Reading: Pondering on Jera

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Is about the Rune #jera.
An intense Rune
That holds a lot of #energy
Between the two #kenaz.
But that energy
Isn’t bound or contained,
As there is space for it
To flow.
A Rune of potentiality (Were the 2 Kenaz to collide
It’d become #inguz)
Asking you to ponder
Upon your personal harvest
Through its lense,
With a self critical mind:
The good & the bad
What is to be kept or discarded
What needs improvement.
Only once
The contemplative & reflective
Work is done
Can the wheel of Jera
Turn and move forward,
Carrying with it
The thought seeds of intention
Which will become
Your future harvest.


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