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This Week’s Woden’s Day Reading: the Questioning of Othila

This week’s #woden’s day #reading
Brought forth the Rune #othila /#odal
And the questioning of
What home and #kinship
Mean to you.
It is about family ties?
Or your connection to
A specific #land /area?
It is about bonding
With people who were once strangers
And yet welcomed you
With open arms?
For most people
The answer(s) is/are obvious.
But for #expats and/or #wanderers
(By choice or by necessity)
Who don’t really
Belong anywhere,
There is a need,
Every once in a while,
To check in with your core
And reassess your personal situation.
The Great #tree has many roots
And they stretch far & wide
Both in time and space.
Your #roots and
Your personal values
Are what you can cling on
No matter what.
Find peace in knowing
That your #ancestors
Are always walking beside you
Wherever you may go
Or settle.


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