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Middle-Earth…Then & Now

“…We consider the remarkable presence of dwarves and giants in Middle-Earth life, and the roles they were believed to play in the unfolding of events.

Artwork by Jean-Baptiste Monge

The dwarves specialized in a magical way of thinking, and the construction of subtle spells. The giants, terrifying but surprisingly wise, reveal a challenge to the way of which people thought of their lives even in the times of Middle-Earth. Wizards’ initiation into occult knowledge often included surrendering to Otherworld journeys […].

We are finding that while science can explain the biological dynamics of life to a remarkable degree, there are limits to its power to explain the ‘why’ of life. We need to reconnect with the language of our imagination to address these deeper issues.

Our ancestors in first Millenium Europe gained insights into some of these questions in their enchanted view of life. Our hunger for the recovery of this lost knowledge, and the stories in which it is encoded and preserved, have led us to witness the return of the real Middle-earth.”

From “The Real Middle-Earth” by Brian Bates


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