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The Celtic 13th Month: A Liminal Time

“Once upon a time, Halloween, All Soul’s Day, and the Day of the Dead were considered a three-day month that stood apart from the rest of the year. Freeing the passage of three sunrises and sunsets from the written calendar added to the otherworldly feel of this triad of days. Indeed, unbound from the predictable, calendric rhythm, these three days inspired devotion to the unknowable and invisible, the chaotic and surprising […].

As we come to the end of a single yearly cycle, it is fitting that we dwell, even if only briefly, in the void between one year and the next, letting the full body of the year sink in before we step outside to greet yet another cycle of the Earth’s journey around the Sun […]

Taking this conscious interlude, we can deeply absorb, not through rational understanding, but through skin, bone and heart, the ever-unfolding treasure of this enchanted Earth.”

From “Herbal Rituals’ by Judith Berger


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