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Ansuz Rune Zine: A Preview of the Cover (which may possibly change)

I’m getting closer to completion with this first issue of the Zine. Though I must admit that it took longer than I expected. It was not so much about defining the content than getting to explain everything in details (you don’t think about it when you just do things) that took a long time.

And, of course, there were the unexpected setbacks and technical difficulties but, overall, I am fairly satisfied with what I produced and things can & will only improve (refine, always refine) with the next few issues.

I still have to work on the website (something I have to learn from scratch). I have decided that I didn’t want to have to call somebody each time there was a technical issue or go through an Etsy type of platform (which I have done for years) as they usually become greedy as they get bigger.

Everything will be managed here and by yours truly. I thank you in advance for your patience & understanding.


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