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ARS RUNAE: A Taste of What is to Come

I know I’ve been silent for a while. A lot of things have happened between moving out of California to relocating near Seattle, finding a new home, pondering on my purpose and the direction of my work…But most importantly, the end of a 15 + year creative blockage (a personal hell for all artists) and the reclaiming of my true self.

About 3 months ago I had already mentioned the death of this blog in order to create a full-fledged website regarding my work (which has morphed and shapeshifted to its present form). If you wish to continue reading and supporting me & my work, you’re gonna have to look for a website with the name ARS RUNAE.

What will that be about?

In a nutshell: Reclaiming the Sacred & Unfolding One’s Personal Myth

But here’s a more detailed explanation:

My aim is to reconnect people with the liminal and the numinous via direct, personal experience, just like our forebears did.
Most have forgotten that our Ancestors used to engage with Nature and the Divine on a daily basis and that this was a mind, body & spirit type of experience. The Gods & Spirits walked among them and they are still walking among us.
The masks I offer are handcrafted for the purpose of this reconnection & reawakening.
Why Masks? They’ve been used since time immemorial to alter perception & the psyche in order to become receptive to knowledge & wisdom in a mainly spiritual and/or healing context, but also for the reenactment of myths.
And the Runes? They are an ancient, sacred alphabet (dating back to the last Ice Age according to some) with a unique, multidimensional energetic imprint. I have personally been using them for many years for divination, healing (the self & others), energy work, pathworking, inner alchemy & manifestation. And they are as relevant today as they were to our Ancestors.
Masks have been haunting and teasing me for the past 20 years or so. I first encountered them in Art School and I immediately fell in love with them. They are ancient, they are primal, they are powerful and the possibilities they offer in terms of spirituality, self-development, healing…etc are pretty much illimited. So this is very exciting for me as well as being the next step of my journey.



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