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Raunacht #10: Being Focused (and a few words about #9)


I realize now that I forgot to talk about the 9th night, which was about making peace within & without. When we let ourselves be led & carried over by our emotions (especially negative ones), we can quickly find ourselves in a state of imbalance which can lead to the destruction of the self and those around. Strive to keep a cool head. Acknowledge the emotions you are feeling, heal those emotions, and regain your peace. Turn Laguz into Isa: being emotionally removed doesn’t mean that you are emotionless but that you have regathered all the parts of the self into the I.

The 10th night is about being focused. Having good intentions and great battle plans is not enough to set things in motion (including your New Year’s resolutions). Action must follow thoughts: it doesn’t have to be drastic, it can be incremental (whatever best suits your pace & energy level). However, focus is required to not scatter your energy around or engage into wild goose chases. Remain realistic regarding how many projects/plans you can tackle as well.

Cut yourself from distractions & ground yourself. Stop talking, start doing. Just the mere effort of jumpstarting the action will also engage the energy which will then be channeled through the tunnel of your focus…And lead to the completion of your goal(s).


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