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A Simple New Year Divination with the Runes

Divination Year 2019

Winter being traditionally a time of uncertainty rather than a time of rejoicing, it was customary in many parts of the world to do some divination work during that time.

Those who nowadays think of divination as a fun past time are fools. As I have said before: Runes don’t lie! Not only that but they do require dedication and respect to truly reveal themselves to the seeker. Divination is an art form and beyond the foretelling of future events, it’s also about knowing & mastering the self.

That said, I did pull out my Runes for a simple divination about the new year, as a hint of what the future may hold for me in 2019. A Rune per month is all that is required, but you can draw more for a more detailed reading.

The reading itself can be as simple or as complex as you wish. I personally like to interpret each Rune on 3 levels: physical (interactions with the world & health), psycho-emotional and spiritual. Of course, sometimes the edges can be blurred between them.

As far as my own reading goes (and without getting into personal details): I’m currently in a transition which is affecting me more than I would like (and shows in the first 4 months) and should lead to a physical relocation (which I have been anticipating). The Summer (between May & August) looks rather promising but something challenging & transformative will happen early Fall (September & October) but considering the next 2 Runes (which are positive), this could be triggered by an external event or a person.

Hope your reading is as promising as mine…


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