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Raunacht #7: The Wisdom of the Heart


The Wild Hunt doesn’t end with the beginning of the New Year. In this in-between time, it’s important to consider where our journey is going to lead us. We know the path we already treaded on but what about the path ahead? What awaits us for this coming year?

We are currently in midst of the void, the unknown with so many possibilities but so few answers. It’s no wonder why traditionally people practice various types of divination during the Winter, knowing that something positive is coming brings peace of mind.

We all have our (secret) hopes, things we’d like to accomplish, and the expectations that we feel we need to fulfill. But what about our sacred dreams, the ones we hold dear? Are they just wishful thinking, mere fantasies or do they hold the potential for something great, something real?

The heart is much more than the engine that keeps us alive on this plane of existence, more than the receptacle of our emotions, it’s also the gateway to our soul. The heart has its own intelligence & wisdom. So take a moment to center on your heart.

In the silence of Winter & the silence of the night, find some time to engage in a true dialogue with your inner self. Ask your heart what it is that it truly wants, what your deepest longing is. The answer you’ll get shall determine the next step of your journey…


N'yew year


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