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Raunacht #6: Balancing Emotions


Because most of us live in relative comfort, we have forgotten that for centuries and until not so long ago people feared the arrival of Winter. Winter time was synonymous of cold, sickness, hunger & death. It was not a joyful time (except for the celebrations around the Winter Solstice) but rather a matter of survival.

There were dangers everywhere, restless spirits & demons lurking in the night. They were given names, faces & rituals to appease them and also cast them away.

I know we live in troubled times with a lot of confusion & unrest. Whether we like it or not it affects us directly or indirectly (and energetically). Therefore it is perfectly understandable, normal and healthy to feel uneasy, angry, sad or worried.

Acknowledge these emotions, understand where they are stemming from and why you are feeling that way. But it would be a mistake to let your emotions rule your life. Try to find some kind of emotional balance and keep a cool head. Remember that everything is cyclical…

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”

Marcus Aurelius


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