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Raunacht #4: Trust One’s Own Wisdom


We tend to look to other people for knowledge & wisdom, calling them ‘teachers’ or ‘gurus’ without realizing how they got there, how they obtain that knowledge in the first place.

Knowledge can be gathered from many sources. Nowadays pretty much everything you can possibly look for accessible online, as long as you seek that knowledge. But I have found that experience will often surpass the content of books.

Wisdom, however, is another form of knowledge. One that comes from trusting oneself, one’s intuition & insight enough to act upon it. It comes from aligning the mind, with the heart & spirit. It’s a deep knowing that surpasses beliefs (which can change) – there are no more doubts on the ground of wisdom.

While I understand that a seeker on his/her path may look for a teacher to learn from, I encourage any seeker to become their own teacher. I was once a student/teacher and I was fortunate enough to not have found a teacher…The Runes taught me what I needed to know (and will be sharing in a near future).


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