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Raunacht #2: The Art of Stillness


The Rough Nights can be viewed as ‘Nights of the Soul’ because much of what happens during this time is of a spiritual nature. This 2nd night is about the stillness within and without (you can read about the 1st night HERE).

A lot of people fear silence. Some of them because they associate silence with death, others because they know they will have to hear their own thoughts and by extension the voice of their own inner demons.

Silence should not be feared but rather embraced as it is the key element of any creative or healing process. Learn to be at peace with silence.

Face any thought or emotion that may arise with honesty & integrity. Ask yourself (or the spirits) whether what you hear is just random inner dialogue or if there is something deeper that needs to be addressed. In this case, stillness will set you on your path toward healing. Welcome the experience & the lesson(s).


Inspired by ‘Das Wunder der Raunächte” by Valentin Kirschgruber

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