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Taking the Runic Meditations Further

Online Runic Meditations

In order to reach out more people (especially folks outside of California), I’m hoping to set up an online monthly interactive Full Moon Rune Meditation. It’ll be based on my current meditations but taken a bit further with my personal experience in Runic Healing and the unorthodox Runic Curriculum I’m developing.
I’m hoping to set things up by January with a required RSVP because I’d like to keep the group of participants relatively small.
Two weeks prior to the event, I plan to email the attendees a specific & exclusive Rune Tea recipe to prepare ahead of time for the day of the meditation in order to attune the whole body with the energy of the Rune and to take the journey inwards deeper & further.
I’m pretty excited about this project but I have a lot of groundwork to lay ahead first…


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