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Runic Message for 11/11/11 (2018)

Rune Reading 11-11-11

We live in troubled times, confused times. There’s a lot of information to process which also includes misinformation & disinformation. Truths within lies, lies within truths. I find that it is getting harder to get a good grip on reality.

While everything seems to be getting out of control, the message here is to not feed the confusion within & without by sticking to your core truth(s): who you are, what your values & ethics are…As well as what you know for sure to be absolute truths in your everyday life.

Keeping a cool head and staying away from distractions will allow you to keep moving forward (even if this means following the less traveled road), while others are being pulled away left & right, and at each other’s throats.

We all have free will, we all have choices to make, and other people’s choices (whether right or wrong) shouldn’t be your concern. Focus on your own.

Use your intuition and any insight you might get that aligns with your core values & your gut feeling, that will help you keep your head above the water. Remember that nobody knows better than you what is best for you. When in doubt, quiet the mind and turn within for information or confirmation. Know that you’re not alone: you are being guided, each step being an inspired move. And your Ancestors have your back – always.

The only constant in life is change but some people consciously choose to take their destiny in their own hands while others tend to rely on other people to make decisions that are not always in their best interest.

Runes can help with the process of decision making, with understanding the patterns unfolding in your life, and confirming that you are heading in the right direction.

We all have a destiny that awaits us, we all have our part to play in the web of Wyrd. You, being who & what you are (in full consciousness) as well as the best you can be is your own contribution to Humanity.

2 thoughts on “Runic Message for 11/11/11 (2018)

  1. I am only now getting into the runes. I’ve been drawn to them for years, but I play with so many things (time)! Thus, I loved your post.

    As for the lies, I thought you might like an exploration I did on that awhile back:


  2. Oh, and I couldn’t agree more with you that our “Ancestors have your back – always.”
    Love! ❤️💕

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