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On Karma & Suffering

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As an acquaintance of mine & shamanic practitioner once said to me several years ago: “The Middle World is the land of suffering.” As you can guess, this statement stuck with me only to reveal itself as a truth throughout the years and in my personal life.

Some of us struggle more than others, some of us seem to be doomed to suffering or bad luck. It’s easy to blame Fate and continue weeping on our sorry self. We all have free will, we all make choices. It is true that it takes a lot of courage, inner strength, will and patience to pull oneself out of a situation, whatever it is.

But it does also require a lot of trust (that things will be OK), a lot of self-love, and the strong belief that you deserve much better than being miserable and a shitty life. I will always support anybody who is or has felt helpless, hopeless and cornered to start looking up, gathering strength in body, mind & spirit in order to find their way out and their own happiness.

Today, after my usual morning ritual of reading Runes & Oracles, I became aware that not only was suffering about purification of karma (all those past lives come into account, and I know I’d dealt with some pretty dark stuff in some of them so I accept to pay my dues) but that the purpose behind that suffering was to bring about hidden or unknown abilities or talents, which can be life-changing.

I have mentioned before on this blog how I came to the Runes (and probably the reason why I am so passionate about them – besides, I have come too far on the path to just stop or go back). I have changed & evolved a lot throughout the past 5 years (the people who have known me for a long time can vouch for it), and I owe a huge part of this change to my Runic studies. Things seem to be accelerating these days, I’m doing gradually more inner work that I’ve done until now (it just feels natural) and I think & feel that it’s time for me to go even further on my path.

I am not worried. While there is a lot of turmoil in this world and around me, I’m just gonna keep pushing forward. Because that’s what I am meant to do…There will always be people that don’t understand or disagree (thinking I’m wasting my time & energy), people with agendas, confused people, negative people & people who like to control. None of this is my responsibility…


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