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On Mastering the Rune ISA in the 9 Worlds

Mastering ISA

The Runes are much more than a spiritual path (which reveals itself to the seeker), they’re also a philosophy of life. But we need to be aware that our thoughts and actions in Midgard affect the 8 other worlds as well (since we are part of a multiverse).

Therefore, in order to master a specific rune in Midgard, we need to be conscious that a harmonious equilibrium needs to be reached with the 8 other worlds.
Within the course next 9 days, I’ll be sharing some of the information needed to achieve this balance with the rune ISA (which is the current runic month). 

More in-depth information will be made available in the ISA chapter of the runic curriculum I’m working on (I hope to have it online by mid-December), which will include a fair amount of inner work with guided meditationsshamanic journeys, ritual teas and botanical incense blends.

Stay tuned…(And eventually, follow me on Instagram).

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Entering the Runic Month of ISA

The Month of Isa

The wheel is turning once more and we just entered the runic month of Isa, which is the 3rd of the rough/challenging Runes (2 weeks to go).

This is natural evolution as we have integrated the lessons & challenges from the 2 previous Runes: Hagalaz & Nauthiz.

Deep inner work of transformation and taping into unknown/hidden resources are at work as the ice slowly releases other treasures buried in the unconscious.

More will be revealed soon as we dig into the ice that will lead us to the mastery of Isa in Midgard and the other realms that constitute the Nine Worlds.

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Eihwaz, the Yggdrasil & the Sacred Yew Tree

The Yew Tree is one of the trees associated with the Yggdrasil (the Northern Tree of Life/Cosmic Tree) and the following talk by Michael Dunning seems to prove it once & for all. The Yew the tree connected to the Rune Eihwaz, the tree of death & rebirth (the yew being a tree associated with immortality, resurrection & regeneration).

When you look at the graphism of the Rune: it’s symmetrical, the above looks like the below. The Upper Realm of Higher Consciousness (Asgard/Odin) is connected to the Lower Realm of Ancient Knowledge, Wisdom & Ancestry (Helheim/Hel).

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Full Moon in Nauthiz

Full Moon in Nauthiz

Happy Nauthiz Full Moon folks!
I know we’re all going through rough times so hang in there, stay alive & thrive (even against the odds)… That is my wish for you.
I’m still finishing tomorrow’s Full Moon Rune Meditation. I hope to bring some of the Niflheim Tea I’m working on even if it’s not the exact formulation I want (I have to sub and adjust a couple ingredients but the result should be pretty close). Blessings.

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Taking the Runic Meditations Further

Online Runic Meditations

In order to reach out more people (especially folks outside of California), I’m hoping to set up an online monthly interactive Full Moon Rune Meditation. It’ll be based on my current meditations but taken a bit further with my personal experience in Runic Healing and the unorthodox Runic Curriculum I’m developing.
I’m hoping to set things up by January with a required RSVP because I’d like to keep the group of participants relatively small.
Two weeks prior to the event, I plan to email the attendees a specific & exclusive Rune Tea recipe to prepare ahead of time for the day of the meditation in order to attune the whole body with the energy of the Rune and to take the journey inwards deeper & further.
I’m pretty excited about this project but I have a lot of groundwork to lay ahead first…

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November Full Moon Rune Meditation in Nauthiz

November Rune Meditation

When you follow the runic calendar, the end of the year contains the most challenging Runes. The runic month of Hagalaz just ended (it started around Samhain) and now it’s the turn of Nauthiz (the next will be Isa). It can be an overwhelming time especially when the days are short and the weather cold. A sense of loneliness may also creep in… This Full Moon gathering will aim at keeping your spirit high and finding solutions from personal exploration & experience.
As usual, if you’re in Southern California and would like to join us, feel free to drop me a line or two.

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Wunjo: (Re)Define Your Happiness


Wunjo Card from the ‘Rune Vision’ Card Deck by Sylvia Gainsford


Society wants you to believe that happiness comes from consumerism in the form of material possessions, instant rewards/gratification, and overindulgence in sensual pleasures (food, sex,…etc). 

When in fact it is much simpler (and healthier) than that.

As yourself what it is that truly brings you joy and makes your heart sing…

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Runic Message for 11/11/11 (2018)

Rune Reading 11-11-11

We live in troubled times, confused times. There’s a lot of information to process which also includes misinformation & disinformation. Truths within lies, lies within truths. I find that it is getting harder to get a good grip on reality.

While everything seems to be getting out of control, the message here is to not feed the confusion within & without by sticking to your core truth(s): who you are, what your values & ethics are…As well as what you know for sure to be absolute truths in your everyday life.

Keeping a cool head and staying away from distractions will allow you to keep moving forward (even if this means following the less traveled road), while others are being pulled away left & right, and at each other’s throats.

We all have free will, we all have choices to make, and other people’s choices (whether right or wrong) shouldn’t be your concern. Focus on your own.

Use your intuition and any insight you might get that aligns with your core values & your gut feeling, that will help you keep your head above the water. Remember that nobody knows better than you what is best for you. When in doubt, quiet the mind and turn within for information or confirmation. Know that you’re not alone: you are being guided, each step being an inspired move. And your Ancestors have your back – always.

The only constant in life is change but some people consciously choose to take their destiny in their own hands while others tend to rely on other people to make decisions that are not always in their best interest.

Runes can help with the process of decision making, with understanding the patterns unfolding in your life, and confirming that you are heading in the right direction.

We all have a destiny that awaits us, we all have our part to play in the web of Wyrd. You, being who & what you are (in full consciousness) as well as the best you can be is your own contribution to Humanity.

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Update on Hagalaz Tea (First Tea Tasting)

Very pleasant & mild tasting (I’ll try a longer infusion next time)

I got an immediate grounding effect from drinking the Hagalaz Tea. With the energy concentrating under the feet (at first).

It sounds promising but the true test will be in the context of spiritual work, shamanic journeying and/or divination.