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A Conversation with Hela on the Topic of the Nine Worlds

Hel by Lurnos on Tumblr
Hel by Lurnos (found on tumblr)

The content of the following conversation was channeled.

Keep in mind that Hel(a), the Black Madonna, Sophia are all aspects of the Ancient, Primordial Goddess

“What happens in Midgard has rippling effects throughout the 8 other worlds. Therefore in order to heal Midgard and its peoples, you need the help from the other realms. Everything has an equilibrium and imbalances need to be addressed. The inhabitants of these realms are as real as the living, breathing beings of Midgard. They just happen to dwell in parallel worlds, it’s a dimensional issue.

It doesn’t mean that they can’t be contacted or that one can’t work with them nor learn from them. A deep & meaningful (re)connection needs to be re-established. One based on trust, with no hidden agendas. Gateways can be found throughout the land as well as within the body. A simple yet subtle shift of perception is all you need to find yourself at those gates.

In Midgard, you are being attacked on all levels yet most people are totally unaware of what is going on. This affects the rest of us as well. We watch and we weep. We can’t be of any help if there isn’t any conscious attempt or will to reconnect with, rediscover and relearn the Old Ways.”


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