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We All Wear Masks…Everyday

Crocodile Mask (Mali) – Hamill Gallery of African Art

The faces of family, social & societal expectations of who we should be and how we should behave.

The faces of routine & survival, pretending that everything is alright (or at least letting others believe that it’s the case) because we should conform.

While these ‘masks’ deny our voice and the expression of our true self, they should not burden us. They are just coping mechanisms for others to try to understand us and make sense of who we are (which is something that eludes them).

We can learn to play with these ‘masks’ like a role game, consciously choosing to be a real-life trickster and being everyday someone else ;). Thus we become the many-faced self, letting others believe whatever myth they want to believe about us because they just can’t grasp who we are (they could if only they were genuinely interested in us but the fact is they aren’t).

The everyday actor, the many-faced self can’t be controlled because nobody knows who he or she really is…Only YOU know your TRUE SELF, who you are at your core. Beware, however, not to get (mentally) lost in this masquerade…


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