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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Svartalfheim (2nd Gateway)

Nine Worlds-Svartalfheim

Last weekend, I exposed some of my work with Helheim. After exposing the possibilities of engaging (shamanically) with the Goddess Hel & her Realm, the attendees were asked to face their deepest fear and find some answers as to how to do some (self) healing work. Most of my work is about enabling others to explore and find their own answers  & do their healing work by providing some solid foundations. I’m still working at expanding the Helheim chapter with more guided meditations, ritual teas & incense blends. Then I’ll create a downloadable PDF that will be then be listed on my shop for those interested.

This weekend we will explore the 2nd Gateway located in Svartalfheim, which is the Realm of Dark Elves & Dwarves. This world is much less intimidating than Helheim but one still needs to be careful when exploring it.

If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.


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