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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Midgard (4th Gateway)

Nine Worlds-Midgard

After finding pathways through the harsh landscape of Niflheim under the protection of a Frost Giant last weekend, we are going to explore our Realm, Midgard, from a different perspective…Because there is more than meets the eye in the physical realm.

If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.

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A Conversation with Hela on the Topic of the Nine Worlds

Hel by Lurnos on Tumblr
Hel by Lurnos (found on tumblr)

The content of the following conversation was channeled.

Keep in mind that Hel(a), the Black Madonna, Sophia are all aspects of the Ancient, Primordial Goddess

“What happens in Midgard has rippling effects throughout the 8 other worlds. Therefore in order to heal Midgard and its peoples, you need the help from the other realms. Everything has an equilibrium and imbalances need to be addressed. The inhabitants of these realms are as real as the living, breathing beings of Midgard. They just happen to dwell in parallel worlds, it’s a dimensional issue.

It doesn’t mean that they can’t be contacted or that one can’t work with them nor learn from them. A deep & meaningful (re)connection needs to be re-established. One based on trust, with no hidden agendas. Gateways can be found throughout the land as well as within the body. A simple yet subtle shift of perception is all you need to find yourself at those gates.

In Midgard, you are being attacked on all levels yet most people are totally unaware of what is going on. This affects the rest of us as well. We watch and we weep. We can’t be of any help if there isn’t any conscious attempt or will to reconnect with, rediscover and relearn the Old Ways.”


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A Painful Birthday

Birthday Candle Purple

Today is a rather painful day for me as this is my 40th birthday. It feels like a big slap on my face. Suddenly the numbers don’t make sense as they don’t match the face in the mirror. Suddenly I find myself one step closer to my crone years.
Time flies but where does it go? No one knows. I feel sad. I feel angry. Yet I shouldn’t have the right to complain since I’m alive and well while others have been less fortunate.
I’ve had a strange life (of which I already had an inner knowing as a child somehow) and so far I haven’t met any of the social & societal expectations for my age.
That’s because the Dark Goddess had & still has other plans for me. She marked me in my mother’s womb and brought me back from drowning. It took me some time to understand & acknowledge that I was her priestess & intermediary. I dwell on the threshold, a place where anything and everything is possible.

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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Niflheim (3rd Gateway)

Nine Worlds-Niflheim

Last weekend, in Svartalfheim we uncovered hidden treasures buried within in the company of the dwarves of that realm.

This week, we will journey to Niflheim and encounter the mighty frost giants of this realm.

If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.


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We All Wear Masks…Everyday

Crocodile Mask (Mali) – Hamill Gallery of African Art

The faces of family, social & societal expectations of who we should be and how we should behave.

The faces of routine & survival, pretending that everything is alright (or at least letting others believe that it’s the case) because we should conform.

While these ‘masks’ deny our voice and the expression of our true self, they should not burden us. They are just coping mechanisms for others to try to understand us and make sense of who we are (which is something that eludes them).

We can learn to play with these ‘masks’ like a role game, consciously choosing to be a real-life trickster and being everyday someone else ;). Thus we become the many-faced self, letting others believe whatever myth they want to believe about us because they just can’t grasp who we are (they could if only they were genuinely interested in us but the fact is they aren’t).

The everyday actor, the many-faced self can’t be controlled because nobody knows who he or she really is…Only YOU know your TRUE SELF, who you are at your core. Beware, however, not to get (mentally) lost in this masquerade…

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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Svartalfheim (2nd Gateway)

Nine Worlds-Svartalfheim

Last weekend, I exposed some of my work with Helheim. After exposing the possibilities of engaging (shamanically) with the Goddess Hel & her Realm, the attendees were asked to face their deepest fear and find some answers as to how to do some (self) healing work. Most of my work is about enabling others to explore and find their own answers  & do their healing work by providing some solid foundations. I’m still working at expanding the Helheim chapter with more guided meditations, ritual teas & incense blends. Then I’ll create a downloadable PDF that will be then be listed on my shop for those interested.

This weekend we will explore the 2nd Gateway located in Svartalfheim, which is the Realm of Dark Elves & Dwarves. This world is much less intimidating than Helheim but one still needs to be careful when exploring it.

If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.

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Tea & Runes: Weekly Forecast (September 10th-September 16th 2018)

Sept 10th Forecast

Before we start, please remember that this forecast reading is a general trend that may or may not apply to you specifically. For a personalized reading, feel free to contact me.

This week begins with a cup of green rooibos tea (which tastes a bit like green tea minus the caffeine, and is loaded with minerals…Not to mention that it has medicinal properties) and the rippling effect of Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo. Fall is settling in while the energy of Summer is exiting the scene. With it comes a sense of renewal bathed in practicality. Something may have been lingering all Summer in a corner of your mind, now the idea is becoming clearer an INGUZ is giving it a ‘body’ so to speak as this concept is germinating and slowly manifesting into the physical. There is a sense of awakening that comes with it. Exploration and the widening of your horizon are the keys (while what no longer serves or excites you is vanishing with the last remains of Summer).

As the week progresses, INGUZ evolves into JERA. While you want to get that momentum going, there is no freestyling here but guidelines to follow: for your own safety but also to ensure the success of your new idea/venture. You can’t go full steam without carefully thinking about all aspects of it. Here you are being asked to apply the lessons you have learned from the past (otherwise history is bound to repeat itself and your beautiful dream will disappear as quickly as a mere thought). Consider all the angles, apply knowledge & wisdom, and if needed, find some reliable allies that will support your vision and benefit from it as well (follow your gut on that one).

However, ANSUZ is warning you not to say too much! A/ Because people could steal your idea and make it their own, and B/ they could also use their influence on you, your thoughts and/or project…Which will turn it into something else. So, don’t get too chatty, too excited or too cocky about it. You may well end up getting too distracted to actually walk the talk and do the work. ANSUZ‘s lesson here is that it’s best to apply reserve: you know better than anyone what you want, and where you want to go with your venture. So choose your words wisely and remember that the silence is golden…

Runic Haiku for this Week:

“The seed of novelty will grow on the fertile soil of the learned lessons if wisdom is applied and words kept few.”

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9 Worlds, 9 Chakras: Helheim (1st Gateway)

I will be sharing some of the material I’m currently working on this Saturday, as part of my Runic Healing curriculum-in-writing. If you are in Southern California and would like to attend, feel free to send me a message.

Nine Worlds-Helheim