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Ansuz Runic Herbal Offering

I created an Ansuz Ritual Herbal Smoke which is to be used in a spiritual context. It’s neither psychotropic nor addictive and made with common herbs (and I’d like to remind everybody that the Runes are not for fools or jokers). Ansuz is Odin’s Rune. This herbal blend helps with increasing insight, expanding intuition, deepening wisdom and acquiring knowledge from the Higher Realms. 

So I asked people on Instagram (and I will ask you, dear reader, as well) whether I should create an illustrated downloadable PDF recipe to list on my Etsy shop or if I should just wait to include it to the Ansuz Chapter of my Runic Curriculum-in-writing.

Ansuz Herbal Smoke

Sadly, a few people ‘liked’ the picture but nobody answered my poll. Which proves once and for all (I was hoping that I was wrong) that people don’t read, even if the message is blatantly part of an image and right under your nose.

Which means that the decision will be up to me…


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