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Weekend Ogham : Spindle / Oir (July 28th & 29th 2018)

Weekend Ogham Spindle July2018
Image from ‘The Green Man Tree Oracle”

“Destiny moves us to do great things.”

Destiny is not set in stone and those who are familiar with the concept of the “Web of Wyrd” know that one’s fate can be altered and that conscious co-creation of reality and one’s future can be achieved by taking one’s fate in one’s own hands (and working with the Norns).

“To understand the nature of our destiny, we can observe our life’s work and experience, our aims, gifts, and desires.”

Interestingly, this Ogham graphically resembles one of the ways to write the Rune Jera. It reminds us that the Wheel is always turning, nothing is ever set in stone (even if unpleasant circumstances always seem to last forever), and that it’s never too late to follow one’s dream(s). Your core, your heart is your compass throughout life.

Tomorrow we will be entering the Runic month of Thurisaz, which will require more focused energy from each of us. But once we answer our soul’s calling, synchronicities suddenly start happening and everything slowly starts falling into place…

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