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Weekend Ogham : Fearn (July 21st & 22nd 2018)

Weekend Ogham Fearn - Alder

Fearn / the Alder has long been associated with divination and the gift of prophecy (it is also connected to Ravens). We are all born intuitive, and it is up to us to reawaken & strengthen this natural ability of ours.

As a water tree, it is connected to the Rune Laguz, which reinforces the idea of going inward and trusting the information shared within. The water element also has to do with emotions and healing.

This weekend Ogham is in the continuity of this week’s Rune, which was Ansuz – Rune of knowledge, communication & inspiration associated with Odin & his Ravens. And we are still in the Runic month of Uruz, which supports (self) healing. In case you missed it, you can read the blog post HERE.


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