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The Dark Goddess Within…

“…Many mystical traditions, including Western animistic Paganism, teach that at the very core of our being there is no self to find. At our centre, there is simply the empty darkness of nothing. , in part that is why Paganisms are reviled by those who value only light.

It is also why deeply esoteric journeys can indeed take us to the brink of madness: searching for who we truly are, we discover we are nothing. yet here too is our dark goddess, she that is the formless unknown of complete release and pure potential…

For the woman who has not hidden the hag within herself, that darkness at the centre of the soul is a magical sanctuary. In Druidry, we speak of it as a nemeton deep within the soul, a place of exquisite peace and natural healing.

Indeed, it is often referred to as a great dark cauldron; it is only when a woman is able to sit, balanced and grounded, upon the three feet of that inner cauldron, that she is able to find the strength of her soul’s creativity, an ancient and bottomless pot containing that infinite universal darkness, this is the great cauldron of myth and legend…”

Emma Restall Orr / Kissing the Hag (The Dark Goddess and the Unacceptable Nature of Women)


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