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Shamanic Egg Cleansing & Reading the Egg

The divination of the egg is the fun part for me ;).

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#shamanic #egg #cleansing is a simple yet powerful method to remove unwanted #energy from the physical body & the #aura. While this is easy to learn and to apply, the #divination of the egg is the part that requires more #learning and #practice. If you're an #intuitive, you will develop a more personalized #interpretation of the various #signs and #patterns. Here is an example of an #eggcleansing I did for a client of mine. The strings going upward and connected to bubbles on the rim (one bigger than the others) indicate an #energeticcleansing and strong #protection by #spirits from the higher realms. The curly figure on the right of the #yolk highlights a physical #health issue (I know enough about her health history to be able to concur). The small balloon on the left side of the yolk indicates a feeling of being slightly trapped in everyday life but not to the point of not being able to move forward. Last but not least, the #cobweb that formed above the yolk and under the strings and bubbles indicates that her spiritual energy is being somewhat trapped, preventing her full spiritual #potential to unfold and/or success in achieving her #lifepurpose. I strongly believe that an extra session or two should be able to overcome the #blockage.

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