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Moon & Rune Reading: Last Quarter of the Moon in Pisces/Othila (June 2018)

LQ June2018

In today’s reading, I find that all the elements seem to back each other.

This is the Last Quarter of the Moon which can be somewhat of an awkward time. It’s a time of adjustments and possible re-evaluation of our goals and/or what has been achieved so far this month. And if it wasn’t enough already, the Moon is in Pisces which adds an extra layer of confusion and possible disconnection with reality.

In the midst of this mental fog, the Rune Teiwaz stands up and shows the way to follow. Teiwaz speaks about doing the right thing and finding balance, especially during this awkward Moon time. You may feel challenged on multiple levels: with your identity & values (we are, after all, still in the Runic month of Othila), as well as our perception of what is real and/or what is mere fantasy…Some can even feel completely lost without even knowing why. Fears & phobias (fed by your insecurities and the subconscious) may well arise with this Pisces Moon. Your mission is to recognize the pattern & understand what is going on, and you’ll know that this is just a (psychotic) phase. Framing, naming & facing those fears is especially beneficial today on this 6/6 portal (June 6th).

Want more? The Architect of Vessels is requesting that you address your emotions, as they make you human and allow you to connect with others. Empathy & compassion are gifts. But Teiwaz once again is here to keep you in check. As it reminds you not to go overboard with your feelings & emotions. In short: don’t let them take precedence on your behavior & thinking process.

In the eventuality that all hell breaks loose around you & nothing makes sense anymore: trust your intuition, it should be your reliable compass. And hang in there, the Moon will be transitioning to Aries tomorrow…

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