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On Becoming the Art & My Last MetMu

Yesterday’s metaphysical fair didn’t go as well as I was hoping for. I initially didn’t want to go but I kept picking the Rune Hagalaz so I knew that something would happen there, and whether it would be good or bad, it was something that I needed to see and experience.

So I got the confirmation that it was indeed the last time I participate in the Metaphysical Meetup organized by the Garden of Grace. My energy just doesn’t align with everybody else’s, otherwise, I would have been offered to teach a workshop or do regular readings there a long time ago. They just wanted to have me because they don’t have too many psychic readers and nobody seems to do the Runes around here.

I did have some clients, some of which were returning clients from the previous years. I’ve honed my skills and I know I’m a gifted reader as I’m always right on target. But you see I’m the real deal and most people aren’t. I strive for knowledge, depth & authenticity while people there are like butterflies moving from one fad to another, thinking highly of themselves as advanced spiritual beings when in fact, they barely scratch the surface (and you can tell when you talk to them).

There is a reason why California is called Lalaland: people live in their own world where everything is nice and beautiful, but they rarely reach the ground or look in the mirror. The fact that some people can live their entire lives like that is mind-boggling to me, and quite frankly this energy is getting really tiring for me. I’m starting to think that at one point or another I will have to move out of California and head somewhere else, maybe up North. I don’t know yet.

I think the conclusion of all this is that I need to focus on my own tradition and make this happen once and for all. I’m just gonna shut myself from the “Disney” world and get to the core of the matter (which is what matters to me).

And this is, in essence, the message that I got today: Become the Art


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