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On Being Guided…

Last weekend as I was teaching my Runic Meditation on Laguz, I was already thinking about which plant I would be working with for this Saturday’s class about Laguz’s medicine (which focuses on the healing qualities of the Rune from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective – I also like to weave in my personal experience with energy work & finish the class with a divination), and Willow came to mind. Laguz meaning ‘water’ it was a logical thing to pick up a water-related plant. And I didn’t give any more thought it until a couple days ago.

I decided to go for a local hike in order to harvest some wild plants (I had promised some black sage to a friend in Kentucky and I’m a woman of my word so…). It was a warm, sunny day and I pretty much had the whole trail to myself – it was so peaceful there and I felt like a little girl in a candy store, checking all the different plants currently thriving on the trail while remaining very reasonable.

Besides black sage, I also picked some wild sunflowers, a few stems of California mugwort and I felt drawn to get a branch of willow (I think it might be a type of Pacific willow but I’m not a 100% sure yet). Willow bark is what is usually used for medicine but I figured that maybe I could do something with the leaves as well, at the very least dry them for incense making.

Today, reading on the plant’s lore, I read that the willow is not only a plant linked to the water element, but to the moon as well (which makes sense since the leaves were a bit whitish under). BUT what is the most interesting to me is that it’s also a plant strongly linked to the Underworld and the ‘Veiled One’ aka the Dark Goddess…Everything always seems to lead me back to her, which is perfectly fine with me ;).


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